One of the Bombians.

The BombianEdit

Bombians are cute creatures, which are found to have come from the ancient land of CubeBomb. The Bombian has a body that looks like a cube, and has short, stubby legs. Bombians are usually friendly, but they might get angry if you provoke them too much!

The reason that Bombians have their name, is because a rumour states that, Bombians explode when they become angry. But, that still hasn't been proven yet...

Why did Bombians come to CubeTales?Edit

The reason that the Bombians might have come to CubeTales for was due to the reason of the Bombians abandoning their original homeland when it became uninhabitable, because their ruler couldn't help replenish the land any longer.

The former inhabitants of CubeTales...Edit


One of the former inhabitants.


When the Bombians arrived at CubeTales, they actually seem quite happy about it. Since they found the land of CubeTales was very similar to their original homeland. 

The former inhabitants of CubeTales had an unknown name, but when the Bombians did arrive, the former inhabitants agreed to give their homeland to the Bombians, which effectively gave the Bombians control over CubeTales.

Since the Bombians gained control over CubeTales, the former inhabitants have left the land and gone elsewhere... But might one day come back to CubeTales... In the future...