Kyle is currently an active member in the CubeTales community. Kyle is also a former member of the of the now shutdown website which was once known as CubeBomb.

If necessary Kyle can be reached on Skype.

Nickname=Kyle B. Username=uploaderofcb
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Kyle's profile page as of 10/12/2013


Kyle was an active forumer and loved the community of CubeBomb. Kyle had many friends and liked many people in the CB community.

One day Kyle was informed of the CubeBomb shutdown. Kyle was very upset and after the shutdown Kyle lost contact with many of the friends he once knew.

Fun Fact: Kyle used to go by the alias of "Uploader" back in the days when CB existed.

Discovering CubeTalesEdit

On the date of 10/12/2013 Kyle went on Google and typed in "CubeBomb". He found the original wiki and was browsing through and was looking at all the good memories of all the people he knew from CubeBomb. He noticed that there was a link leading the old CB subreddit. Upon discovering it Kyle found out about the fairly new website CubeTales. He quickly began to realize that it was exactly like CB and later that night he met all of his old friends once again!


Once again Kyle is an active forumer and a friend of everyone in the community. He loves helping out people who are in need of advice and would seize any opportunity he had to help a friend out.


User "Kyle" as of 10/12/2013