Iconic CubeTales Character (before revision)

Iconic CubeTales Character is the character that is used as every user's avatar, it can easily be customized with items from the shop, and the body colors of it can easily be changed on the Character page. The character was created on 2/14/2013. The character was made in Photoshop CS6.


The character was at first designed from scratch, and the session it was created in wasn't at all it's official development session, but it in fact, did come out from an unofficial work. The character was then as perfected as it could of been in the first creation, and was set to be revised sometime later in the future. The character has been made with a selection of clothing on, and a future revision of it is going to be addressing it to have a nude body, or in other words, have nothing as the pants or shirt selection but grey clothing.

Revision 1Edit


First Revision

The first revision of the character took place on 2/24/2013 at 3:00AM - 4:00AM, and mainly addressed a new shirt and added blocked feet other than a shape of a human foot, in which it was created as. This update to the character was to also set it to be more block, symmetrical, and standing straight up, not leaning as you can see partially of the first character. This revision did not address: perfected cubeness, any changes to the head, and did not remove clothing for the iconic character.

Revision 2Edit

Revision 2 is a set revision of the character. Not a whole lot of what it brings to the character is known, but it is currently planned to: perfection to bottom of character (pants and exposed feet), design the upper body to have the arms lowered into a relaxed posoition and not a hugging one. It is unknown if any changes to the head and it's non-cubed shape will be made in this revision, or the Finalization Revision, or in other words, Revision 3.

Finalization RevisionEdit

The Finalization Revision, or Revision 3 is an upcoming revision for the character. It will be done shortly after Revision 2 and is planned to finalize and perfect all the parts of the character from top to bottom. It is the last ever revision of the version 1 character. That doesn't mean that there will not be anymore emergency changes to it such as a whole new body, but the chances of that are really low until the shop and character pages are made.

After RevisionsEdit

When the character is perfectly finalized, and it is the official iconic character for CubeTales, new colors for it will be added as well. The color will be picked by the user at the start of registration, and will be able to be picked later on using the Character page.